Here we take a brief tour of the capital of Norway. Oslo is a city of about 500,000 inhabitants and with a lot of life in summer and where it is day almost all day. This photo is from the center of Oslo.

Oslo city center

It is a modern and cosmopolitan city where it has much art and culture to visit. In conclusion this is an expensive city so it prepares money to spend but it’s worth it.

Oslo city

The whole city is surrounded by dense forests and has many walking paths, public transport is very good. Here people like many pleasure boats and you will see many.

Sport port

To the outskirts of Oslo lives many people in beautiful little houses between the forest and Oslo is in a very beautiful fjord to see by boat.

Houses on the outskirts of Oslo

You do not bored to visit things in this city. Where you can also go shopping in the center and visit all the tourist sites of the city. In the center of the city you have a lot of walking at night. Do not miss this city to visit in summer since the winter because is very cold and dark. A place of obligatory stop with a lot of charm and also you can leave to visit the rest of the country.


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