This is a report about my trip through the Andean mountain range of Ecuador and in the neighborhoods of Quito. Here you can know a little more about this part of the planet that is precious. These photos that follow indicate several sites in the Andean mountain range and that I traveled by car and is especially relevant you can photograph in passing, the beauty is impressive and the roads have improved a lot and can circulate quite well. Near Quito in Ecuador you already have many mountains and all very green and with water everywhere with much beauty of nature.


Volcano of the Pichincha in Quito        Near of Quito

It is a beautiful place to see with lots of contrasts and very green, large thick forests. Something I recommend to people and that I can visit. You can walk through these mountains and take pictures. Waterfalls and rivers run through these mountains that will impress travelers. You can hike through these sites knowing private estates in the middle of the mountain. In conclusion you need to visit. Also you can visit another places near Quito. Because all is beautiful.


Waterfall in the mountains                                  On the outskirts of Quito

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